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RESS ACL Presentations

To view any of my ACL lectures, follow these 3 simple steps:
1) Click on "Buy Now" button above the lecture.
2) Once your payment has been processed by PayPal, I will email you a password within 24hrs. (Please leave reply email with PayPal transaction)
3) Enter in the password, sit back and enjoy my presentation
NB: If you're after the most up to date version of these presentations, click here

ACL Presentation Bundle

1) ACL injury: How to reduce risk of primary and secondary injury (80 mins)


  1. Mechanisms of injury

  2. Pathophysiology

  3. Pre-op rehab

  4. Post-op rehab

  5. Second ACL injuries

  6. Injury Prevention Programs

2) ACL injury: What do you do now? (30 mins)


  1. Non-operative management options

  2. Pre-op physiotherapy

  3. Post-op protocols

  4. Return to sport testing

3) ACL injury: Return to sport testing (30 mins)


  1. Hop test protocol

  2. Strength testing

  3. Limitations of strength/hop testing

Cost $125

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Double Presentation

1) ACL injury: What do you do now? (30 mins)

2) ACL injury: Return to Sport Testing (30 mins)

Cost $80

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ACL Presentation

80 min lecture: How to reduce the risk of primary and secondary injury

Cost $100

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